Clint G. Young – Illustrator


With a penchant for the mysterious, the whimsical and the beautiful, Clint’s illustrations reflect everything he finds wonderful about storytelling and childhood imagination.

Born 1971 in Dallas, Texas. Father, husband, writer and illustrator of children’s books and adventurous stories. Clint has worked on multiple Star Wars titles as  visual effect / conceptual artist, and currently he resides as a senior concept artist in Austin, TX.

Latest Posts

Sketching Trees


Something about trees- so much fun to draw! -C

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A Pony for her Birthday


I normally don’t do fan art- Well, I should say I normally don’t do free fan art. That being said my little one is a HUGE ”My Little Pony” fan- (Fluttershy especially- I think it’s her house full of animals) So in celebration of her birthday I painted her a pony. Glad she didn’t want a real […]

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