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A Pony for her Birthday


I normally don’t do fan art-

Well, I should say I normally don’t do free fan art. That being said my little one is a HUGE “My Little Pony” fan- (Fluttershy especially- I think it’s her house full of animals) So in celebration of her birthday I painted her a pony.

Glad she didn’t want a real one! :)

Here’s Fluttershy.

From concept to model

xs_stock_lightFollowing the previous post- Here’s a fantastic model replica of the XS-Stock-Light Freighter ( a predecessor to the YT series) from Star Wars: The Old Republic. This was a real fun ship to design and concept, (kind of Ebon Hawk meets the Millennium Falcon) and I was thrilled to see that skilled model maker Stefan Hacker– produced a sculpt and a kit! He did an excellent job capturing all the things that made this smuggler’s ship one of my favorite concepts. Great Work Stefan!- I’d love a kit. :)

The Old Republic Efx Lightsaber

Jedi_lightsaber_v01One of the great things about designing for the Star Wars universe is when your concept jumps off the page and becomes a reality. Having been a fan of that Galaxy far far away… for so long (age 5) -you can imagine my elation when I found myself holding a creation of my own design, especially when it is the weapon of a Jedi! Bioware graciously gave us this gift for our work on Star Wars: The Old Republic- cue the 5 year old happy dance!


Thank You for the image.


A little sketching at the park

park_sketchOne of the great thing about spring being on its way, is the sunshine and finding a good place to sit and draw. This locomotive bridge was built in 1920s- and cuts through the park, and the Frisbee course- Great place for some outdoor sketching!

Old railway tracks always have a smell that’s great!



Welcome To my website

Howdy from the Lone Star state- Thanks for stopping by!

Here at my website, and especially on the blog- I hope to keep you up to date on all the news I find creatively fun or informative. I ask everyone visiting to give me some feedback and as always let’s talk art!

Thanks a bunch, and again Welcome!